Certainly, everyone has his way of having fun but we think we can agree on certain things that women find particularly enjoyable and relaxing. You are caught up in your intense daily routine that once you do have some time in your hands you don‘t know what to do with it?

Here we give you some ideas on how to pamper yourself and have some fun:

  1. Take a bubble bath to relax tense muscles and headaches. You could light a few candles or play some relaxing music. Your body needs it and your brain will thank you.
  2. Get a massage. Your partner or a professional? In both cases, you will love it. Just pick a time and date, and commit to yourself that you will do it.
  3. Maybe you are a stay-at-home mom, you end up wearing every day a pair of pants and a t-shirt but once in a while, you need to remind yourself you are a woman too. So, even though you have not planned to go out somewhere particularly pick a day when you will wear all fancy, do your hair, and wear makeup. You will feel happy about it. Want even better? Why not hire somebody to clean your house for you on that day?
  4. Sometimes, the best way to recover after stressful periods is to enjoy a relaxing movie night at home. Order pizza or cook your favorite dish and dive in. Alternatively, going out to the cinema and a restaurant might be just what you need.
  5. Indulge yourself in some yummy ice cream or your favorite food. Grab your package, go somewhere quiet, and where you can have a full view of the sunset. It will lift your mood instantly.
  6. Sometimes all you need to relax is to SHUT YOUR PHONE OFF. Go spend some time with your favorite person. Whoever that might be, make sure to surround yourself with people who bring you joy and tranquility.
  7. Enjoy your hobbies. Are you a collector, amateur singer, ballet-love? Treat yourself with a good portion of what makes you happy. You need it.
  8. Buy something new you have been wanting lately be it a fancy lipstick, bag, shoes, lingerie. Once in a while, you should be able to allow that yourself, guilty-free.
  9. Buy a beautiful bouquet and a box of chocolates and send it to yourself with a message of love. Admire, smell, and enjoy it the entire week.
  10. How about heading to your favorite park, and just spend some time alone. Take your notebook, write some thoughts, and make some plans.
  11. Throw a party at home. Make your favorite cocktail, turn up your favorite song, and dance around the house.
  12. If you can afford it, as we must admit that these two following ideas do not come cheap. What about a complete makeover? Let‘s go crazy: hairstylists, skin treatments, facials, eyebrow grooming, full body waxing, massage, sauna, manicure, pedicure…you name it. You deserve it!
  13. Book a night at a 5-star hotel. Take a bubble bath, order room service, and watch something you love, a movie, a concert, a sitcom, or whatever gives you pleasure.