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February 20, 2021

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Written by Anna Bauer

Where do you belong? Right at the bottom? Although this is an ancient scheme, it seems many things are still the same. It feels like 95% of people work to make the remaining 5% richer and richer.

The old pyramid of Capitalism by “Nedeljkovich, Brashich, & Kuharich”

The old classical life-cycle most of our parents have raised us with goes like this:

  • You need to study hard
  • So you can get a good job after graduation
  • So you can have a good salary
  • And you can feed yourself and your family
  • Work the same job for 40 years
  • Get to pension
  • And live humbly for the remaining years…or days.

But we well know that this model leaves us old and broke. How many times have you heard: It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey…

But what journey are we talking about if, when we calculate our active hours this is the balance:

  • 24 Hours/day
  • -9 hours of work
  • -1-hour commuting
  • -1-hour cooking
  • -1-hour cleaning
  • -1-hour self-care
  • -8 hours sleep
    Total Balance: 3 hours left

And there is more. Within these 3 hours we are supposed to have a social life, pay a visit to our parents and keep our relationship blooming like the first year of marriage(and when you have kids you shall mash up all these together, go figure out).

You need to see your work-life from a new perspective: What can I do to make the highest amount of money, by investing as little time as possible, so that I can live the rest of the time?

And this is the right place to find the ways to level UP. Browse our categories, especially the Make Money section.


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