Kids need toys to play with for both entertainment and development. The stream of new, innovative, and expensive toys available on the market is endless. Your child is exposed to a huge amount of media materials that shape his desires for certain toys and you as a parent need to find a way to keep him happy, but at the same time not break the bank.

Almost every mum out there understands the excruciating pain we feel when we see our kid destroy the $50 toy we bought yesterday. There should be something we can do about it. And in fact, there are several ways. This is a list of ideas about how to save money on toys.

  1. Don’t overbuy toys
    Just think for a moment. With how many toys can your kid simultaneously play? Not much, right? Your start with toddlers toys, that in few moths become uninteresting and that buy some others as he or she grows, according to her age. Studies have found that kids get overwhelmed by being let to play with many toys, and it harms their concentration. Especially when they are aged between 0 and 2 years old. Always remember that at this age, you and the surrounding environment are his/her favorite toys, and don‘t exaggerate with buying new toys.
  2. Buy quality toys
    Certainly, there are specific toys you think are necessary to become part of your kids’ world. Don’t get tempted by low-priced toys. They usually are of poor quality, break faster, and may contain harmful ingredients. Instead, invest in high-quality toys. When good material is involved, most of the time, the producers could also afford a good toy designer that made this particular toy entertaining and useful-developmentally speaking. And remember to use Discount Gift Cards or discount coupons to purchase them any time you can.
  3. Buy Gently Used toys
    You can always buy gently used and excellent quality toys from thrift and second-hand stores. As long as it looks good, robust, and educative, why not. If you wish, occasionally you can also wrap them up as new gifts and enjoy the sweet smile of your kids when they get a surprise.
  4. Buy On Clearance
    Time after time there are shop clearances where you can buy new toys at almost half the price, BUT, be careful of frauds. Check online if the discount is real. For example, google a toy you like and compare the price market versus this shop’s price. If it is the same quality then go for it. Another trick is to buy immediately after the big discounts, like after Christmas. Shops are keen to clear their shops for what has immediately become “an outdated toy”. Stock them and use them time after time as gifts.
girl playing
Playing girl

5. Borrow toys or swap with other mums
Your kid may have got bored from his toys, but seems to always find other kids’ toys more interesting to play with? Why not try to swap toys for toys with another mum. They may not be new, but they are new to your kid.
6. Make your children save up & buy their own toys
This could be an excellent opportunity for you to make your kids understand the value of money and the pleasure of buying something with their own savings. You may reward them for doing tasks around the house or for achieving certain results you redeem worthy of the effort. Either way, they will feel overwhelmed and even treat the toys more carefully
7. Prefer toys with more than one function
It is no surprise that legos are classic, popular, and timeless children’s toys. There are endless combination possibilities by building anything you like with them including buildings, roads, robots, bridges so that other toys can be integrated into the game. They usually do not come cheap but remember that they will be used for years to come and are totally worth the money. And you can always find them in second-hand and thrift stores for a portion of the price.
8. Make your own toys
Get ideas from Pinterest or Instagram and encourage kids to make their own toys. Get involved as a family. It is a money-saving, fun, constructive, and bonding family activity.

But time after time, if there is a toy you or your child loves, don’t feel guilty for buying a brand new and expensive one. Everyone deserves to be spoiled once in a while.