Living and working on a clean house is a must but cleaning it properly does not come easy. Here are some tricks and strategies to ease this burden and save a lot of time.

1. Try to have most things, objects gathered in one room, a spacious kids room. Of course, fewer objects means fewer things to clean, and having 2 other decluttered rooms that you can clean faster gives you the peace of mind that cleaning for today, is doable.

2. Try to aim to have either suspended furniture that is mounted to the wall or furniture with no legs as you may notice in the following picture.

Minimalistic, modern and allow much faster cleaning under and around them.

3. Invest in a few cleaning gadgets. The options are endless and confusing. But the bare essentials that will save your life are a hoover, a hand-held vacuum, a mop, a broom, air freshener, large basket, cleaning wipes, washing machine, a dishwasher

4. Schedule 2 hours in the morning to intensively focus on the cleaning process and 1 hour in the cooking. The daily repetitive tasks should be: hoover, wipe, mop, tidy up, chores, and washing dishes. These comprise 90% of your daily cleaning routine.

5. The real magic trick is to do 30-60 minutes of work before you sleep. Although you may feel tired and can’t wait to go to sleep, don’t give up for 30 minutes more. You can put the toys into place, wash those last dishes, wipe most of the furniture around, and tidy up the main living room. The effect of this routine is priceless. When you wake up the next morning, you will not feel lost running to do all the cleaning around, while you are gradually awakening. Try this for one week, and you will thank me.

6. Everyday schedule to do 1 major cleaning work, like for example, today I am cleaning the windows and doors. Engage your family members too. By the time it’s weekend already, you will be able to enjoy it and relax, instead of diving in a major house cleaning. Instill in your family that this is a common living space, and we all should contribute to making it cleaner and more comfortable for our well-being.

7. Learn how to fake clean your house. Sometimes, you will have unexpected guests and little time to fix the mess you are in. Here is what you can do within 15 minutes, to fake clean your house:

  • Have a large basket and fill it with anything that is lying around displaced
  • Spot the unclean areas on the floor and wipe them with a wet wipe
  • Put a fresh cover on your sofas if you can
  • Spray some air freshener
  • Quickly clean the bathroom with a cleaning cloth and all-purpose spray and wipe down the mirror. Make sure there is hand soap, a hand towel, and toilet paper.
  • Freshen yourself, change clothes, run a brush through your hair, put on some deodorant, and/or spray body splash.

And uala’!