Getting beautiful natural looking eyebrows

February 22, 2021

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Written by Anna Bauer

Like many physical attributes, we are born with. Then during life, we model them through plucking, shaving, tattooing, lifting, injections…and so forth.
This article is not about creating the ‘perfect’ eyebrows. It is about making yours the best they can appear. So we have kept our advices within the realm of keeping them the most natural possible. We think there is beauty in diversity and opt-out of the copy-paste doll-looks.
If you feel you want to improve your eyebrows, without losing your original looks, follow us because this article is for you..

Step 1: Cleaning

Cleaning is removing the unwanted hair from the eyebrow’s area. It includes in between eyebrows and around them. They are better illustrated below.

Cleaning should be done using a tweezer. We suggest you invest in a good one. It will be worth its money, and be functional for many years to come. It should be able to capture eve the thinnest hair. Although they might not be visible at first sight, they play a key role in the aesthetics of the brow. Also remember to make sure you have good lighting when you are cleaning your eyebrows. But remember, never use a magnifying mirror in the process. You might overdo it and remove unnecessary hair that when seen with normal naked eye may completely ruin the result you are trying to achieve

Step 2: Lamination

After you are done with cleaning, you should proceed with carefully combing all hair up. The best way to do that with a lasting effect is brow lamination.

Brow lamination effect can be obtained through different methods. The best one of course being, going to an eyebrow professional. The results may last for months. But if you can’t go to a professional, then here are some ways to do it yourself.

  1. Buy a DIY Brow lamination kit. There are several options out there, and you may try and most of them bring satisfying results.
  2. You may choose to use eyebrow shaping soap
  3. You may try to use a hair gel to style your eyebrows. We have tried a very strong glue-like hair gel that has worked perfectly by modeling and straightening eyebrow hair, without leaving residues and by giving a very natural look.
  4. Another option is, trying an Electric Heated Eyelash Curler. You can use it as a small electric comb to comb your eyebrow hair in the direction you want.

Step 3: Fill in
The next step is to fill in the missing spots in your imperfect eyebrow. You might need just a few strokes to complete your shape. Make sure to carefully choose the color of your eyebrow-gel or pencil. It needs to be as close as possible to your natural hair look, in order not to be spotted. Meanwhile, every evening, try rubbing some castor oil in your problematic areas, where the hair has weakened or is unnaturally missing. It takes some time to see results, but it is a well known remedy that does work in these circumstances.
Now that you have cleaned your eyebrow, combed, straightened, and filled it in, it is time to shape it.

Step 4: Shape

Use scissors to trim the hair above the brush.
 Naw that the eyebrow is perfectly combed/laminated, use a pair of scissors to cut the excess length that’s sticking out of the top of the brush. Now, when it comes to plucking, have a look at this picture. You should virtually separate your eyebrow into three parts. The first part, possibly not to be touched. In the second part, you may remove 1 row of hair, and in part 3, you might remove 2 rows of hair.

Area 1, area 2, area 3

Be careful to preserve symmetry and ratio. The following picture should help you keep an eye on the different ratios to consider.

Step 5:

Next step to further improve your eyebrow is to use a concealer under the eyebrow, in the bone area. Use a precise and thin brush to brighten the area.

Now your eyebrow should be in its best natural-look shape.


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