If you dream of a job that enables you to work from anywhere there is no lack of options. You just need to invest in yourself, keep learning new things, and start working from your laptop. Especially if you are a new mom, who feels so attached to her newborn that is having mixed feelings to either go back to work or somehow…reinvent herself and bring her job at home. Being e mom in general never ends being challenging. If we decide to prioritize our kids, rather than our careers we are unmercifully called ‘ a stay-at-home mom’. As if in fact this role involved some type of ‘staying’. To say ‘unfair’ would be an understatement. It is a trap that leads us to think ‘is it really ok to set my career aside?’. From my point of view, I feel like it is no one’s business to set what is right and what not in a woman’s life. Her choice of going back to work as soon as possible, or dedicating more time to her family should be hers only and no one should allow himself/herself to judge. Everyone is trying to build his own system of happiness. And if yours is finding a unicorn in the woods, so be it. With this blog, I am trying to lay a hand to every woman who is battling with herself to find a compromise, who is striving to go as close as she can to have it all. I did it, so I am kind of hoping that I can help you too. I have not discovered a secret formula that I am going to share with you drop by drop. In fact, the list of opportunities is endless. Through browsing articles in different categories you will be able to adopt a new way of thinking that will change the way you think of life, money, parenting, and self-care. Through this article, in particular, I share with you a list of professions that give you space freedom. I invite you to find what better suits your background and skills and make your best effort to make it work. Here are the professions/skills you could acquire, that would set you free from the chains of a fixed workplace.

  1. Programming. There is no doubt that this field of expertise won’t let you jobless. The job market is thirsty for programmers, and so is going to be for many years to come. But the fact is that not everyone feels confident to go into it. If you like mathematics and abstract thinking, it may be a clue that you will find this profession interesting. If you are young, and considering a field of study for university, then just go for it. But if you are in the middle of something and are considering a career change then the best place for you is to have a look at what is happening online. There are many online courses and YouTube tutorials that can get you started. Learn the basics and start working on small personal projects, gradually escalating to bigger ones.
  2. Web design/graphic design. This is a bit easier than programming and to be sincere, I personally consider it more appealing as it requires less abstract thinking and lets me express my aesthetics side. Web design is fun and interesting to learn and has a wide range of applications. Once you master the basic skills you can quickly get involved in projects and work from anywhere.
  3. Search Engine Optimizer. There are a lot of businesses racing to be ranked on page 1 of google search, and a great deal of them have no idea what they could be doing to achieve that. Therefore you could learn, train and implement techniques that help businesses to achieve that goal. And all you need to access your workplace is a computer.
  4. Social media management/marketer. For many small are medium business is a real struggle to find time to keep their social media accounts updated with fresh and relevant content. And with so many platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, etc it can quickly become too much for the business owner to keep up. And there are many people who make out a living by doing just that, managing social media profiles for companies or individuals. Take your time to explore each platform with a ‘business owner’ mindset and quick will learn a lot about this field.
  5. Virtual teacher/tutor/trainer. Are you an expert in Business English, Fitness, or painting? Why not teach online what you know to do best? There are several platforms that make it so easy for you to set up your course and sell it. You will need to sit down to carefully prepare the course you intend to offer, provide great teaching material, and make your best efforts to make your course unique. The beginning needs more focus and crafting but then with time, it gets way easier, since you have already prepared everything and the rest is repetition.
  6. Virtual assistant. Are you good at formulating emails, typing, preparing presentations, taking calls? You could be the dream personal assistant for someone and from the comfort of your home.
  7. Call center. What you need are a set of headphones, a computer, and an Internet connection. Almost anyone can do this. What you should consider when deciding either to opt for it or not, is if it is ok for you as it usually requires you to have a lot of patience.
  8. Blogging. Or you could be a blogger just like me or like many others out there. The trick here is in being able to identify a niche of the market, a special topic, not-already covered subject that people would like reading about. You will need to constantly provide content for several months before starting to see some financial results, but if you really have something different to say, it may be worth it.

    What about you? Have you heard/read about another job you could be doing from anywhere?