Hello there. Are you as surprised as much as I am while discovering there is such a profession as ‘a lifestyle consultant’? Well, hold tight because I read all there is on the subject while trying to understand what does this job entail and how does it bring money. And here I share with you what I discovered.

A lifestyle consultant/coach, helps people improve different aspects of their lives: body fitness, nutrition, relationships, interior design, etc. Like any other problem-solving profession, this includes you scanning, assessing your client’s current situation, and provide suggestions, strategies, tactics, decisions that would help him achieve his life goals. Be it: building self-confidence, curing procrastination, setting up for a business venture. A lifestyle consultant is not an expert in everything but is a person who has very good insight into the aspects he/she is willing to consult about. The strongest attribute of such a person is ‘excellent communication skills.

You may suggest products to buy, object to get rid of, interior re-design, diet suggestions, setting up of professional or social network profiles(dating profiles too), etc. There is really no boundary to the type of advice you can give. Do you love helping people do better, reach their goals and put their life together? Do you have knowledge, experience, and expertise in several lifestyle fields? Then, this might be just the right job for you. Let’s go more in deep into what a lifestyle consultant can do, so that you can discover if you can do it.

What does a lifestyle consultant do:

  1. Lifestyle consultants are excellent communicators who are in frequent touch with their clients. They need to analyze their clients’ lives and prepare a customized plan to tackle their problems, challenges and optimize their use of financial, time, and emotional resources.
  2. Lifestyle Consultants engage in helping their clients not only achieve certain results but also maintain the lifestyle that provides them with the best quality of life. It can have to do with style, relationships, business, health, and fitness. It is common for them to accompany their clients for shopping, be it fashion or healthy foods according to a well-prepared plan.
  3. Lifestyle consultants need to prioritize their clients’ needs. In a certain way, they are paying you to kind of be their closest friend, on whom they can rely almost anytime of the day and in any situation. It may include even advising to detach relationships with toxic people or withhold from buying certain items
  4. Lifestyle consultants are sincere and creative people, able to communicate with clients in a tactful and meaningful way. You might have all the knowledge in the world, but if you are not able to deliver it in a productive way so that it can be implemented and people really observe results then it does not really matter. They might have to assign targets to your clients, be patient, and check with them if they have kept up to them and are marking measurable progress. If not, they need to intervene for corrective actions and make an effort to gradually achieve the goals. Sometimes they might have to do some research on a subject, therefore digital literacy is a must.
  5. Lifestyle consulting is a niche market and as such, it is a profession that is meant to flourish as customized service. It requires you to have good knowledge of the person’s lifestyle, environment, ethnicity, culture, religion, life philosophy, etc. You might be simultaneously advising a person who is overweight, having a healthy lifestyle with underlying hormonal problems, and another person who is underweight for his cultural standards and needs to gain some extra kilos. Both cases require extensive and careful research and their problems need to be addressed very differently.
  6. Lifestyle consultants need to start consulting their friends and family member, in order to see if their tactics work or not and also to build confidence. If helping people achieve their best, comes to you naturally, it may be a sign, that this is the right job for you. Then you scale as per your wish: to part-time, full-time, or as a Freelancer.
  7. Lifestyle consultants make money in several forms and flexible with their billing plans. Common ways of pricing include bill by hour($50-$300), monthly bill($500-$20 000) for established clients, and bill for results(a percentage of the financial result or the perceived value of the target reached). You are free to choose your pricing style, always keeping in mind, to be honest, and ethical. You are bound to the same moral principles as psychologists and lawyers.

So, what certifies you as a lifestyle consultant? You must answer with ‘yes’ to at least two of the following criteria:

  • Do you enjoy helping people?
  • Do you have good knowledge in at least one of these fields: Nutrition, fitness, fashion, interior design, beauty, healthy living, psychology?
  • Are you creative?
  • Are you good at communication?

If you answered two ‘yes’-es, than this is how to get started.

Close up of smiling elegant businesswoman in pink jacket and white shirt working on tablet against glassy modern office building
  1. Step one: write down a summary of your skills inspired by your CV. Then add hobbies and interests, that you haven’t necessarily practiced at work but you feel you have done pretty well in your private life or for people you know. Don’t forget about side projects. Maybe you have some experience volunteering with disabled people which gives you a special insight into a very special niche? Try stretching this summary as much as you can, then on a second step pick the things you find most suitable.
  2. Step two: Find your target market for your service. Gender, age, income, industry, marital status, location, interests, etc. Then identify 2-3 core problems, this targeted audience needs to be solved and that you can intervene for them.
  3. Then outline the services you offer and pick your pricing model
  4. Step four: Market your services. You can do this through the massive help of social media and/or by hiring someone that does that for you. A marketer that can build your entire online presence, by grabbing the attention of your targeted audience and by impactfully display your offered services.
  5. Harvest the power of big social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, to share content related to your niche. It is the best way to start creating an audience and reach potential clients. In this type of profession, this is the most impactful tool and should be neglected. The biggest media channel you should target Instagram. It’s the best platform for this type of service.

In conclusion, you don’t really train to become a lifestyle consultant(in the long-term maybe). It is the collection of your experiences and skills that might simply qualify you to become one. Did this article help you to discover the lifestyle consultant inside you?

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