Why my girl seems to love daddy more than me?

April 13, 2021

Written by Anna Bauer

Mother-daughter, such a beautiful loving bond. I nourish her, clean, read and educate. I love her unconditionally with a type of love I had never been capable to perceive from experience, books, movies, or observation. But when she is back from daycare, the first thing she does is running towards her daddy’s arms. And I can’t help but feel a little jealous and wonder why. I only wish that one day she does remember or acknowledge how much love and care I have given. But at the same time, I am trying to understand why this happens in general since I notice it’s not just me.

Your daughter’s first male figure

Benefits that come with a dad: strong lifting hands, no rules, social pride, feeling protected, an idea on how men in general behave and think emotional stability and fulfillment.

You husband’s forever caregiver

Girls are socially encouraged to show their emotions, while boys are discouraged and suppress their emotions. This leads to girls being more affectionate, smile more, and in general, be more playful. Fathers are so relaxed by their smiles, hugs, and care. The attention girls pay to fathers, makes them feel they will always take care of each other. While boys are expected that will become more engaged with their own family lives.

Sons are strong, daughters are fragile

Fathers expect sons to be strong and don’t show certain emotions that we consider feminine. While girls are allowed to display their emotions as they wish and are perceived as delicate, fragile, and in need of protection. This encourages fathers to be more protective and more physically affectionate with them.

Daddy’s forever little girl

They develop this special bond and take care of each other but one day when she grows up, she will leave the nest and create a new family. But no matter what, the new guy in her life is warned to not let her down or he will have to deal with daddy. He won’t let anyone hurt her.

Stay with the strong guy

A sense of stability, security, confidence, support are created when a child has two present parental figures. The more we spend time with them, pay attention, teach them, play, and learn, the more empowered they become to make new and safe steps. And this includes having an unshakable, strong father figure who is always there for you.

Daddy is a better play-buddy

After I have cleaned up the house, cooked, fed her, washed and changed, and worked for some hours, I don’t have much energy and patience left to just follow her up for any games. In the meanwhile, when she approaches her daddy, he is often relaxed and in the mood. This contributes to her concept that daddy is willing for games, and mommy not that much.

Young hipster father with his cute little daughter in pink t-shirt, styling her hair, indoors

Is it real or not?

Maybe it happens in my mind. When I see them hugging my heart melts. It’s such a lovely picture. But I don’t hold a mirror every time she hugs me. She hugs me a lot too when I think about it. There is sort of a cute competition; Hey…have a look here, she hugged me 4 times…

I might agree or not with the factors that contribute to their relationship. But I can say that it gives me such a pleasure watching them together. What a joy seeing her have all the love, support, and security that he gives her.

She will be forever our little girl.


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