How to permanently get rid of pubic hair

April 23, 2021

Written by Anna Bauer

All those commercials advertising products that would permanently remove your hair, in fact, are selling you dreams. There is no hair removal product that can get rid of hair permanently, full stop. No matter how expensive, no matter how popular. But there are hair removal techniques that can slow down their regrowth and give long-lasting results. And one of them in particular, that it goes closest to ‘permanent’. It is fair that you get to know if these methods are worth the money and make a wise decision. Here we share the most common hair removal ways and help you pick what is most suitable for you.

1. Razors. Yes, the hair will quickly regrow, as razors only cut hair from the surface of the skin. BUT, they are a fast, effective and cheap solution you shouldn’t ignore. Especially if you are not continuously concerned about your hair but sometimes you need a quick fix. So always remember to have a razor in your makeup bag or purse.

2.The next best thing is waxing. It can be painful but the results last longer as this method pulls the hair directly out of the root. It may take weeks until they start regrowing and the skin is left with a smooth texture. There is professional waxing you can get from a certified aesthetician but also there are several home remedies you can administer from the comfort of your home like wax from the grocery store, sugar wax, and honey. If the right products are chosen, there are zero up minimal side effects which usually are limited to skin swelling or rush for up to 30-minutes after the procedure. Anyway, these effects can be drastically reduced through cold compresses and oils. If you wish you could prolong results and discourage regrowth of hair we suggest you start using papaya. Mix some raw papaya flesh with turmeric in the mixer. Then apply it in the desired area and rub for 15 minutes. Next, rinse thoroughly and repeat the procedure 2-3 times a week. A study by the International Journal of Pharmaceutics found that the enzyme called papain, found in papayas, has a hair-removing effect by reducing regrowth over time.

3. Chemical depilation. This method consists of the use of gels or creams that can be applied to the targeted areas, left for some minutes, and then removed. The results are similar to those of using a razor, as this method doesn’t target follicles of your hair but the part of the hair over your skin. The advantage of this method is that it is gentle on the skin. You only have to apply it and then rinse or wipe it. The results may only last for about two weeks. It is, however, an inexpensive option that you can do from the comfort and intimacy of your home.

4. Laser hair removal. When we think about lasers, we kind of imagine that with its directing to our hair, the latter will puff’ disappear. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like this. This method works best on combinations of a light skin tone and dark hair. First, you need to let your hair grow, so that it can be detected by the laser. Then, you will have to do several sessions to achieve results: the weakening of the hair follicles, so that your hair regrows slower and thinner. Each session can cost up to $400 or an expensive device you can use at home(which will also eat your time).

5. Electrolysis. This is the number 1 method that provides the longest-lasting results. It targets the hair follicles and destroys them, harming in this way its capability of growing new hair. You will need some sessions but it is not as expensive as the laser method. One session can cost up to $100 but be worth the money. The procedure involves the use of shortwave radio frequencies distributed through very fine needles placed into your hair follicles. Done properly, results can last from few years to permanently.

In the end, each method has its pros and cons but before throwing money after commercial promises we would suggest you try method 2.

What about you? What is your favorite hair -removal technique?


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