Some mothers consider it a significant accomplishment if they are able to give birth without the use of any type of pain medication. Any woman who has given birth without the assistance of medical intervention is aware that it is not an easy task and requires a significant amount of devotion. There are expectant mothers who are prepared to bear the excruciating agony of childbirth for one of two reasons: either they are worried about the potential adverse effects of pain medication or they just want to follow in the footsteps of women who have given birth naturally for generations. However, the decision to have a natural birth is one that is not made by every expectant mother. Because they are informed that they have reached the stage where pain-relieving medications can no longer help, some women wind up having an unplanned natural delivery as a result of this.

Have you ever wondered what natural childbirth is like and, as a result, if you should select it as an experience of your own or not? If so, you should look at the experiences of other women and then decide whether or not you want to have a natural delivery.

You have the opportunity to experience a complete sense of mastery

You will feel more in control of the situation if you give birth to your child using natural methods and at home. The journey in its whole is truly a delightful one. You are quite fortunate to have a first birth that is only 10 hours long, beginning with the first contraction and ending with the delivery. However, you should give some thought to concentrating on activities that will be of assistance to you during labor. Some of these activities include prenatal yoga, acupuncture once a week throughout pregnancy, a massage designed to stimulate labor, walking 10,000 steps nearly every day after the nausea of the first trimester has subsided, and eating healthily. You may try meditating on the idea of yourself swimming in the water when you’re giving birth. Hypnotherapy can also give you the sensation that you are able to relax and let your child do what she needs to do in order to be born into the world. In the end, you are filled with a sense of pride that you remind yourself to carry with you every day as a result of it. Besides you remind yourself to be an example for other women, as well.

You have the sensation of being a superhero and that you are capable of accomplishing anything

You’re going to face a lot of pushbacks if you tell people you want to give birth without using any medicines, but you should do it anyway.

Following the administration of the epidural, you may find that your water spontaneously breaks, that your contractions become far more excruciating, and that your progress toward full dilation is halted. The entire ordeal gives you the impression that you do not have a say or any influence over the process of your own birth. Because the first epidural only numbed one side of the body, it is sometimes necessary to administer the procedure twice. A labor that lasted for 22 hours in the hospital, by the end of which you had two monitors, one inside and one outside, a catheter, a fever of 103 degrees as a result of laboring for such a long time without your water, an epidural that caused you to itch like crazy, IV antibiotics, and the possibility of having to have a cesarean section hanging over your head.

On the other hand, if you give birth naturally, you will be able to remain mobile throughout the entire process, doing whatever makes you feel most at ease while receiving assistance to get you through the contractions. Thus, YOU ARE ABLE TO LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Your body is responsible for all of the labor. You have the impression that you are totally unrestrained and in charge at all times. You are not rushed in any way, and the whole process takes only around 11 hours. After that, you have the sensation of being a super hero and of being able to accomplish anything. You will be on cloud nine for several days. I know it hurts, but if I had it to do over again, I would pick the drug-free option every time.

Significantly low risk of harm to your body

There have been several cases of women who intended a natural childbirth but ended up having one induced and obtaining an epidural instead. They are talking about getting a third-degree rip, which can take more than a month to heal completely. On the other hand, giving birth naturally was unquestionably more painful, but it was also quite rapid and caused significantly less harm to the body. This indicates a very little tear of the second degree, with a recovery time of days rather than weeks. Therefore, if you want significantly less damage and to get back to normal (or at least something close to normal) in a matter of days, the natural delivery is the method that you should look into without giving it a second thought.

Having the sense that your body already knows what to do

If you are someone who values holistic health and wellness, then I have no doubt that you will agree that it is rational for you to adhere to the natural birth philosophy. It seems as though your body already knows what to do and how to bring your child into the world in a secure manner; thus, you should place all of your trust in your remarkable body and allow it to take control and do what it instinctually knows how to do. It is going to be an incredible and breathtaking adventure.

Against the use of every possible medication

If I had an option, I would never take any kind of drug since, from a personal standpoint, I’ve always considered it unethical. As a result, while I was pregnant, I made the decision that I would give birth without an epidural and instead follow the natural course of events. When I gave birth to my first daughter, I was in labor for eight hours, but when I gave birth to my second daughter, it only lasted around three hours. Having said that, both of my kids were two weeks overdue, and as a result, I ultimately had to submit to the use of medicines in order to have them induced; nevertheless, I was not given any pain medication while I was in labor. As a result, my labor was much shorter than that of most women, and the pain was significantly worse. Even though I was prepared for what was to come and was adamant about not getting an epidural this time around, I thought the agony was worse than it had been the previous time around. I recall throwing a fit and yelling at the doctor, pleading with him to give me an epidural, but he was kind enough to ignore my outburst and pointed out to me that I had no intention of actually getting one. If I had to go through labor once more, there is not a single thing that I would do differently.

I believe that participating in this experience would be beneficial to one’s life.

Follow your own personal experience

Even though there are a lot of women who choose to have a natural delivery, there will always be other women who choose to have an epidural birth and confirm its benefits. Those who lean toward natural childbirth do so for a variety of reasons, the most common of which is a desire to minimize the risk of adverse reactions to medicines and keep the labor and delivery process as uncomplicated as possible. Even though it hurts more than you could ever imagine it would, you feel extremely proud and good about it. Some people would never consider denying themselves medication because they believe it is essential to get through this difficult time in a safe and happy manner.

In all honesty, I think you should base your decision on the experience you have. It’s possible that at times you’ll be taken aback by how quickly everything moves. You almost forget how much of a hurt that gives you.

Whether we choose to get an epidural or give birth naturally, women are incredible human beings.

Do you disagree with me on this?