We are all looking for ways to reduce our expenses, and one of the most efficient solutions that is currently available is to buy things that have been used before by another person. It will be better for the environment, you will save money, and there are many things that do not need to be brand new in order to serve their function effectively. There are many products that can serve their purpose well without being brand new. For instance, you may get just as excellent of a reading experience out of a book that has been used before, as you can out of one that is brand new, but the price difference between the two can be simply shocking.

It goes without saying that you may also buy larger-ticket items used. Buying a used car, for instance, is usually a terrific way to save money, especially when one considers the fact that new cars now cost their owners a significant amount of money to maintain and operate. Used versions of products like books and automobiles are frequently appropriate investments; but, there are certain acquisitions about which you should exercise caution and you should be wary about making future investments. The following are some products that you should never consider secondhand, but rather buy new, both for the purpose of your safety and the preservation of your peace of mind.

  1. Helmets

One thing that should be mentioned is that helmets and other types of safety equipment are made of styrofoam. They come with their own individual expiration dates and are stamped with the date that they were manufactured. It is expected that a helmet will last anywhere between three and five years on average, although this number can change depending on the type.

If the helmet is struck or broken in any other way, it is rendered useless and cannot be used. There are instances in which there are no obvious signs that the inside has been harmed, despite the fact that damage may have occurred. If you buy an outdated helmet, there is no guarantee that you will be protected from harm by wearing it.

Buying used helmets is not something I will do since I do not want to put myself in danger. My primary worry is not about passing away, but rather about being left in a persistent vegetative state and becoming a burden to the people who are important to me.

  1. Undergarments, boxers, and socks

It doesn’t matter to me if they are in good condition or if they have been washed; the thought of putting on someone else’s socks irritates me, and the thought of putting on someone else’s underwear gives me the creeps. There is no relevance to the question of whether or not they have been cleaned.

  1. Mattress

The older the mattress, the greater the risk. The longer the mattress has been used, the greater the possibility that it is contaminated with dust mites or, even worse, bed bugs. In addition to the fact that bed bugs are becoming a more widespread problem, the vast majority of people do not get rid of their mattresses until they are so worn out that no one would want to buy them, but even then, they will try to sell them regardless.

And as if that weren’t enough of a reason, it’s impossible to really and thoroughly clean a mattress, which means that you’ll probably be curling up on a surface that comprises the bodily fluids and skin cells of another person.

  1. Open Food

There are some strange people in the world who try to sell food after it has been opened, and I have no idea why this is even a thing that happens or why people do it in the first place. You may be able to find adverts for it on classified websites such as Craigslist and other websites that are similar to it every once in a while. And by this, I do not mean food that has been prepared with the intention of being sold; rather, I am referring to the scenario in which a person buys, prepares, and consumes one-half of a steak before attempting to sell the remaining portion on craigslist for money by merely reheating it in the microwave. Please always opt for fresh food!

  1. Pots and pans that have been used to the extent of being worn out now

Using a glass baking dish that has any nicks, chips, or fissures in it poses a significant risk to the user’s safety. In addition, if you do not know the history of the piece – for example, if it has been dropped – you face the danger of accidently shattering it. This is because you are not aware of its previous condition. It can be difficult to identify microfracturing in glass until it reaches a point where it will shatter under more heat or stress, because glass can be fragile.

Even if the cookware is made of metal, if it has a nonstick surface, it may be difficult, if not impossible, to tell whether or not the coating has been maintained properly just by looking at it. This is especially true if the coating was applied properly in the first place. It is likely that you won’t notice that the seasoning on the nonstick surface has been compromised until you get it back to your house and discover that everything sticks to it. And then there are those nonstick pans that have been used and are now scratched up, which are offered at yard sales and other locations all over the place: Not only does a scratched coating render the pan less effective, but it also causes the coating to continue flaking off into the food.

  1. Laptops

If they have not been repaired by a specialized firm and do not come with a warranty, there is a good chance that you will be getting something that someone else has damaged and is now looking to get rid of. This is the case unless the items have been restored by a professional company. Unless you have some form of buyers protection or unless you are obtaining it incredibly cheap from a reliable friend who wants to liquidate their stuff, there is a pretty decent probability that you are squandering your money on pricey rubbish. This is the case even if you have a buyers protection plan. In either scenario, there is a significant possibility that the product or service you are paying for does not provide sufficient value.

  1. Drugs of any kind, including pharmaceuticals

At first sight, this may appear to be a reality that is blatantly evident; nonetheless, this does not deter motivated sellers from trying to dump out-of-date and even previously used medications of many different kinds at yard sales. The very notion of that sends shivers up and down my entire body. It is hard to believe that somebody would willingly sell something of that nature without experiencing any discomfort as a result of their actions. In addition to that, I have seen antiquated prescription drugs being offered for sale at garage sales. That should immediately make you suspicious about the situation. Never, ever buy a medicine or medication that has been used before, regardless of whether it is one that needs a prescription or one that does not. Do the appropriate thing and pick some up at the nearest drugstore. That’s all there is to it.

We started with this simple list of things, but we know it goes on and on … Feel free to add other items you yourself would only buy NEW!