Finding out what your strengths and skills are can be quite challenging, just as it is for a lot of others. I would highly advocate doing a search on Google as an everyday natural habit that almost never leaves you hanging without an answer. Not only does it assist you in discovering and identifying your innate skills, but it also enables you to accept and develop them further.

And in addition to using Google Search, another option is to think about it. A lot of individuals are stuck in occupations that they despise because they haven’t identified their one genuine love. They are good at a few things, so that is what they do here and there, but they are unsure of the one major thing that they want to do for the rest of their lives.

I like to share a lot of my ideas about how to carry out tasks in business, but I am well aware of the fact that these are merely the things that have been successful for me. These are investments that have paid off for me in the form of a return. What I am also conscious of is the fact that each individual possesses their unique set of beliefs, particulars, and situations, and most importantly, their own Genetics. Just give it some thought! πŸ˜‰

The reality is, has always been and will always be, that it all begins with an understanding of your situation. It all starts with bringing yourself to your lowest point. My one true gift is that I’ve always been aware of my strengths and weaknesses, and I don’t really know why this is the case; it may be because I had amazing parents or because I inherited great genes. I never gave a second’s thought to the things I struggled with. It never occurred to me to try to improve the areas in which I struggle. I wanted to get some things closer to some type of an average and make them more consumable, but of course I had to round out some details and address other problems. Yet I’ve never in my life considered getting anyone else’s opinion on how to carry out the plan. It has just always been done in my manner. I put my faith in the things that were successful for me.

However, here is my advice to you: quit engaging in activities that make you feel miserable. Determine your best qualities in order to find your true calling in life.

I will try to explain everything to you in four steps so that you can figure it out.

  1. In what areas do I excel?

Choose between five to ten people who are considered to be your closest confidantes. Separate them into two groups: those individuals with whom you share a profoundly loving connection and those with whom you share a close relationship but who have lifestyles and personalities that are somewhat dissimilar to yours.

Then, ask them to give you their frank opinion on which of your skills they believe you excel at the most and which they believe you struggle with the most. Hence, you should make an effort to assess not only your strengths but also your flaws.

I am of the firm belief that conducting market research and cultivating an environment in which individuals feel comfortable being candid with one another are the two primary focuses of your endeavor. When someone loves you deeply, they may not want to tell you anything that’s on their mind because they don’t want to give you any pain. Yet, getting rid of your shortcomings is the easiest method to figure out what your strengths are.

  1. What are some of your strong points?

You can’t have an idealistic perspective on the abilities that have brought you success in life up to this point. For instance, despite the fact that you have absolutely no interest in academics, you may have maintained a perfect grade point average. Or perhaps you were born with a great talent for basketball, but that’s not what you really want to do with your life. However, one way in which those strengths may come in very handy is if you use them as a guide to locating abilities that you might not have been aware of before. This can be an extremely helpful application of those strengths. It’s possible that the overall strength itself has blinded you because you don’t have a strong enthusiasm for it, but make a list of everything that this ability demands you to perform in order to use it well. Be careful not to take their presence for granted. Becoming skilled at something requires a lot of practice and dedication in addition to other factors. Your potential is not limited to just that one ability alone.

  1. Make sure you read everything

Now, I am aware that this world is filled with a lot of ambiguity. Finding your own unique abilities is, you guessed it, a very personal endeavor. Anyway, before closing, I want to make sure you are having some actual advise that you can put into practice.

Now, here’s a really particular one for you to consider: take a trip. I mean it!

I don’t really mean a vacation, in the real sense of it. During that period, you are going to read each and every congratulatory or critical email, letter, or note that was sent to you by a friend, family member, or coworker. Read each and every one. And as you read, take some time to reflect on the abilities you possess that made you earn praises time and time again; and on the opposite hand, reflect with regard to those things that people are always telling you are terrible at.

This endeavor can take a good number of hours. You could be thinking that it will take a ridiculously long time. But, consider the fact that you are the one who chose to read this post. It sounds like you really want to figure out what’s going on, so there’s no way you have that much time on your hands, right? When weighed against the joy that it will bring you for the rest of your life, the amount of time that you will have to give up is rather insignificant.

  1. Ask strangers

Create a video or post on social media asking the exact same question you have been asking yourself over and over again regarding what your own strengths are, and share it with everyone who follows you. When it comes to people that follow you for your content and comments, this is something that can be phrased in a number of different ways. Make an effort to comprehend what it is that you are doing that appeals to them. What have they discovered to be useful? Which of your works do you consider to be your best? Where do you see yourself after some years?

You have now reached the point when you have cast the widest possible net in order to obtain the information. You are able to curate that portion of your life as well as the decision of which strength to pursue because these are people who have been observing you from a very specific perspective, namely your social media personality.

Following the completion of these four procedures, you should be in possession of the breadth and depth of personal information required to go to your new location. Put all of these ideas together to determine the ability and the strength that will be to your advantage. From that point on, the possibilities are virtually endless: a different step in your professional life? Create a brand new business? Locate a business partner who has abilities that are complementary to your own, and agree to work for him. Do you want to start a business with him?

As I think about all of the great things you are capable of, it gets me revved up for you.

And… please feel free to enjoy my suggestions and my thoughts, but I beg you, if you decide to act on them – or the counsel of anyone else – you need to do an introspective examination of yourself first. Investigate your method thoroughly and determine what aspects of it are responsible for your success. Where exactly in your profession have you excelled over the course of the past 16, 18, or 40 years? Spend just one minute per day conducting a self-evaluation and identifying your greatest attributes, regardless of whether your work is creative or logical, whether it is black and white or gray. You should continue to pay attention to your strengths, whether they are salesmanship, storytelling, patience, organization, human resources, caring for the end consumer, or caring for your coworkers. If you find that your strength is salesmanship, storytelling, or patience, then you should tell stories. If this is not the case, you will need to look for someone whose abilities are comparable to your own, observe what they do, and attempt to internalize the behaviors that they exhibit. πŸ˜‰